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Gama Clothing is a web based business specialising in t-shirts. We have had many well known customers since 2005, and we sell internationally. Our ‘in house’ label GCT’s is our pride and joy, as well as our regular Gama stuff! We have a lively Second Hand section too. Dive in, the water’s lovely.




  1. Hi I’m interested in buying a ‘less protein’ t shirt and wondered what brand of t shirts you print that design on. It’s because with certain brands I take a size M and a size L with others. Please advise if you can – thanks!

    1. Hi James, this particular t-shirt is on a Gildan super soft t-shirt, lightweight, and has standard sizing. Many thanks. Gary

  2. Hi I have recently bought the Manfred Man t shirt on a size large. However this is a very small fitting. I bought the ‘less protein’ t shirt in a large which is fine. Can I return it for an XL size.
    Can you let me have your postal address.
    Regards Paul – Wigan Lancashire

    1. Hi Paul, ok thats fine. The address is Gary, Gama Clothing, ! Royal Palace Close, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 7RS. Thanks.

  3. Hello! I made a purchase last 13th March, Order #11117. Could you tell me when will it be shipped? Thanks a lot

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